How I Stay Productive During the Quarantine

The quarantine has provided me with so much free time, which has been great for me! I've been able to spend more time doing things that I normally didn't have too much time for. Because there isn't really anywhere to go, my days aren't really as structured as they used to be before the quarantine.... Continue Reading →

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What the COVID-19 Pandemic Taught Me

In today's blog post, I thought I'd share some of the things that I've learned from this pandemic. There's no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected us in some way or another. The vast majority of us have been told to stay home, avoid large social gatherings, and stay 6 feet away from other... Continue Reading →

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Welcome + 10 Facts About Me!

Hey! Thanks for stopping by, and let me introduce myself - I'm Sam, and I'm a psych major who absolutely loves The Office (the U.S. version). Other than watching The Office, I also keep a journal, and I'm always looking on Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration! In my journal, I usually write about the things... Continue Reading →

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